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A six-year doctoral program in the profession of pharmacy is called Pharm. D. (Doctor of Pharmacy). Individuals who are interested to work in healthcare can enrol in the Pharm.D programme. During the study period candidates go through 5 years of academic study and 1 year of full time internship. According to PCI, in order to be eligible for the course Pharm. D., students must pass the plus two (Chemistry and Physics subjects are mandatory along with Maths/Biology) from a recognized school.

The six-year period is split into two phases:

Phase I consisting of First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth years of academics. Phase II is an internship or residency programme that involves clinical posting in specialised units throughout the final year. It is a stage in the training process where a student is exposed to various clinical pharmacy services or actual pharmacy practice and develops skills under supervision so that he or she can eventually work autonomously.

Advantages and benifits of PHARM.D

  • Pharm.D programme focuses on the study of drugs, therapy and practice related to the use of drugs.
  • Doctor of Pharmacy combines with the science and the art of medication safety.
  • After completing the course, students are acknowledged as practical in clinical pharmacy and medical pharmacy and gained with the skills in diagnosis, therapeutic drug use, treatment and selection of diseases, etc.
  • They perform tasks like therapeutic drug monitoring, patient counselling, medication history interview, drug interventions, ADR monitoring and reporting, Drug utilization review helps to provide the services of drug information and poison information services etc.

What pharmacist do?

After completing Pharm D programe there are numerous opportunities available. Pharm.D. graduates may work in the following fields:

  • Clinical Trials:A new drug undergoes various clinical trials on humans under the expertise of pharmacologists as scientist for clinical trials. Candidates can work under various Clinical Research Organizations and Research fellow in research projects of government and private agencies.
  • Pharmacovigilance:Various companies recruit pharmacologists as Pharmacovigilance scientist/ Officer/ Drug safety Associate/Business process lead for the vigilance of various medicines used in the public domain for their new adverse drug effects or new indications.
  • Academics: Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching
  • Pharmacists: Pharm D candidates can work as drug experts, retail pharmacists, Hospital pharmacists, clinical pharmacists and hospital pharmacy directors.
  • Government Agencies: They can work under Government Hospitals, Staff Selection Commission, CRPF, Government Colleges & Universities, Sports Authority of India.
  • Drug development and Quality Contol unit: candidates can work as Research Scientist, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Executives in Pharma Regulatory Affairs.
  • PO1:Develop the knowledge of non-pharmacological, toxicological & pharmacotherapeutic aspects of various diseases.
  • PO2:Ability to describe chemical, biochemical, formulation, screening, analytical, pharmacognosy, microbiological & physiological aspects of synthetic & herbal drugs.
  • PO3:Develop an ability to identify & provide preliminary solutions in the areas of drug development, clinical pharmacy practice & pharmaceutical care.
  • PO4:Demonstrate competence & skills about established & evolving pharmaco-epidemiology, pharmaco-economics, clinical research, biostatistics, drug information & digital technology
  • PO5: Demonstrate ability to provide evidence-based practice to the treatment of specific patients and population
  • PO6:Demonstrate attributes of patient care by developing individualised assessments, managing drug therapy & effective documentation of patient care services.
  • PO7:Adapt skilful administrative, managerial, leadership, teamwork, behavioural, problem solving and communication in social, professional & patient care contexts.
  • PO8:Ability to apply professional ethical standards and moral values in the areas of clinical, community & hospital pharmacy for improving the quality of life
  • PO9:Ability to acquire new knowledge, skills & reflect upon their experience to enhance personal and professional growth and apply the information in patient care.
  • P10:Demonstrate personal attributes of social responsibility through postings, camps, awareness programs & patient counselling in the promotion of quality of life

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  • PUC / HSc Science Stream with PCB / PCM /PCMB Pharm D - 70% For Both Boys & Girls


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